Christy Whitehead | Newborn and Headshot Photographer

Today we are going to change it up a bit on the blog and in true #CommunityOverCompetition form we are going to feature one of our friends and local newborn photographer, Christy Whitehead. While we love photographing our couples on their wedding day, little babies takes a whole ‘nother level of patience. We recently had the pleasure of photographing one of our Veil couples with their newborn in a lifestyle shoot in their home. While we love this time with our past couples and truly feel honored to be a part of this new chapters in their lives, newborn sessions are another art form all together, and for these or any other studio shoots we always refer to Christy.

We also had some quick headshots done by Christy in the last year as well.  She shoots in studio and on location and only focuses on bellies, cake smashes, newborns, families and corporate/headshots. 

How did you get started doing photography?

My degree is in Journalism and I used to do freelance writing and occasionally photography for newspapers and magazines. One of my largest clients was trade publications that focused on law enforcement. I would go out and photograph police officers training or out in the field. It was lots of fun, but could be super dangerous.

After I got pregnant with my daughter I pretty much stopped doing that all together, but I had been picking up photography clients along the way and just refocused to that. 

You’ve been featured on Buzzfeed twice, what was that about?

I am a HUGE Toy Story and Tom Hanks fan. I had a friend bringing her newborn in for photos and I wanted to do something unique, so I started scouring pinterest and the web and I couldn’t find ANY Toy Story newborn sessions. 

With newborns, for many sets you need to figure out what to put the baby in, so I pulled up Toy Story 3 and while watching it I saw they had a box that said “Andy’s Toys” and I was like ‘that’s perfect!’ Although, I admit, I was a little worried how it would be perceived to have baby in a brown box! LOL.

I digitally created the sky wallpaper and had it printed out for a backdrop and ended up getting featured on Buzzfeed for that and then I had a couple who were super into Disney who wanted to use it for their engagement photos.

If you search for “Toy Story newborn” now EVERYONE copies my original idea, which is flattering, but funny.

Usually whenever there’s any of those blog posts about “geeky babies” a bunch of my images pop up. I love thinking out of the box. I had a mom who said she called her baby “monster” so I pulled out my Monster’s Inc stuff and thought about monsters at bedtime and put baby on a bed, now everyone copies that look too. LOL. 

What do you love to photograph the best?

My weeks are always so different and I actually love that. This week I have a newborn, a headshot and a cake smash. I like being able to be creative and working with different age groups.

I photograph a lot of calm and neutral babies and posing, but geeky families are my kind of people. I have 1,000s of props and outfits and I love creating unique sets for people.

Do you have any crazy or unique sessions coming up?

I actually had a bee set handmade and I designed a honeycomb backdrop and just shot that. I’m not sure what my next super cute and creative set will be. I did have some other items handmade, but I don’t want to spoil it!

Christy Whitehead Photography is located about 10 minutes from downtown Jacksonville on Chaffee. We recommend all of our clients go talk to Christy if you’re pregnant or need family photos.

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