Katie + Dalton | Washington Oaks Engagement Photography

Katie + Dalton | Washington Oaks Engagement Photography

Katie and Dalton will be getting married in just a few weeks, but before the big day we managed to work in an Engagement shoot with them at the beautiful Washington Oaks State Park. Dalton is a pilot so it was a little tough to work out the perfect date for the shoot, and we were rained out on one attempt, but we were so excited to have the perfect day for their shoot last week.

Let us tell you a little about this adorable couple:

Dalton and Katie met through family friends. “Love at first sight” was not their story, in fact they both were dating other people when they met. Both had ended their relationships and thats when fate stepped in. A few years after they met Dalton went to a concert with some friends. He bumped into Katie that night and this time the two decided to give love a chance. Dalton and Katie soon began dating however after finishing flight training Dalton was hired as a flight instructor in Phoenix Arizona. People say long distance relationships don’t work, that the pressure of being so far away and still trying to make a relationship work is hopeless.. Well friends Katie and Dalton are living proof that even with miles between them, they not only made it work… Their love grew stronger. Dalton came back to Jacksonville and on December 7th he asked Katie to spend the rest of her life with him. Of course she said yes!

We can’t wait for Katie and Dalton’s special day!

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