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Plantation Oaks Engagement

Nikki and Russell met while teaching at an elemetary school in Lake Mary Florida. Nikki saw Russell around school several times but neither made a move. In November they began innocently flirting in the halls, you know the innocent middle school flirting, but never talked more than a minute in passing. Nikki had began helping with his PE races on her days off and quickly realized she had a crush on this handsome coach. How amazing and kind hearterd Russell was with the kids sparked something in Nikki, but still Russell had not made a move. It was time for Nikki to gather up some courage and take charge lol. The day before Thanksgiving break Nikki was attending an after school zumba class with some of the other teachers. She looked up and saw Russell locking up his class. This was her chance, and she took it. She invited Russell out with her roommate who was also a teacher. He agreed and after a few minutes of awkwardly standing there (he was clearly new at this) he asked for her number. Russell and Nikki met up at World Of Beer that night and got to know one another. They both found out they LOVED country music. Russell’s favorite artist was Jason Aldean who Nikki also really liked though she admitted she did not have his new CD. The night was great and Nikki spent the next day waiting for a text. After waiting as long as she could stand (because lets face it girls, it’s hard to wait on that first text) she finally texted Russell to say what a good time she had and GO GATORS (the Gators were playing that weekend and he’s a MAJOR fan). After several hours of waiting he finally responded (later she realized Russell was not big on cell phones lol) and Nikki had lost faith he was interested in her. After a long thanksgiving week she returned to school to see Russell at her door. Wouldn’t you know he had the new Jason Aldean cd in his hand that he had bought for her (EEEK!) Nikki was so impressed, what a sweet gesture. Not only had Russell paid attention while they were talking, he wanted to make sure she had the cd she wanted. Nikki was so excited but still a little nervous. This was her first year teaching and she wasn’t sure the boundaries on dating another teacher. But by December they couldn’t deny the spark they had for one another and Russell asked Nikki on their first date. The two love birds were very aware right away this was going to be more than just “a fling” they were falling fast for one another so they approached their principle. She was thrilled for their new relationship and told them there would be no problem with them dating and working together. On December 16, 2012 Russell asked Nikki to be his girlfriend. Since that day Nikki and Russell have fallen madly in love with one another. They enjoy traveling and attending country music concerts. Nikki says Russell is one of the most caring, romantic, loving men she has ever met. Just listening to her talk about Russell makes you fall in love with their love story.


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